Honda C100

About $215

The price is only half the story. Let’s face it. Honda is a way out front in popularity. Nobody’s even close. And for good reason. A Honda 50 is powered by a relentless 4-stroke, OHV engine that coaxes 200 miles from a gallon of gas. A paragon of economy. And it cruises at a comfortable 40 mph.

If that isn’t enough, a Honda 50 has 3-speed transmission, dual cam-type brakes on both wheels for extra safety, even an optional push-button starter. About service? Honda has the largest parts and service organization in the country. Though you’ll rarely need it. Hondas hold up. That goes for all 14 models. Choose a Honda. Most everybody does.

Honda – the world’s biggest seller. For information, write: American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Dept. DW, 100W. Alondra ,Gardena, Calif.

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