Honda C102


  • Brand: Honda
  • Model type: C102
  • Model name: Cub
  • Magazine: Life
  • Issue: March 9, 1962
  • Page Number: 12
  • Text in advertisement:Just as the compacts changed our thinking on cars, so the light and lively new Honda “50” is showing AMerica how much fun it is to go places on two wheels. The “50” is the new look in safe, easy and economical transportation… to work, school, market and outdoor fun. It’s converting thousands of men, women and youngsters every month to two-wheel travel. During the past year, more than one million people have bought thrifty Honda “50”s. Small wonder, when you consider the cost: from $245 p.o.e., full price. And the economy: 255 miles per gallon. And the ease of operation: easier and safer to ride than a bike, with an automatic clutch and 3-speed transmission that shifts with a simple touch of the foot. Only $30 for optional push-button electric starter. Cruises all day at a whisper-quiet 40 m.p.h. Precision-built 50cc 4-stroke OHV engine. Practically maintenance-free. 4 Models, including the amazing Honda Trail “50”that takes you hunting, fishing and camping in rigged terrain where not even a packanimal can travel! If you want to beat the traffic and parking problem,… if you want high adventure at low, low cost… test ride the Honda “50”at your sporting goods, bicycle or motorcycle dealer. For nearest dealer call Western Union by number and ask for OPERATOR 25. Or use coupon for full facts.

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