Honda 50

WORLD’S MOST popular model
Used by the Nicest People – Honda 50

This is the most popular machine in the long history of motorcycling. It is the model which created the lightweight boom throughout the world after the war and opened a completely new market of customers – The “Nicest People”.

Honda popularized this unique family style around the glove so well that many other makers have tried to copy it. There is no substitute for the original with its cool, dependable 4-stroke engine.

The low step-thru style frame is handy, especially convenient for ladies wearing skirts. The large fron cover prevents clothing from being soiled by road dust, mud or water


… centrifugal clutch makes it so easy to handle it is perfect for every member of the family.

It is do easy to ride, so economical, so pleasingly designed, so inexpensive, so absolutely dependable, so wonderfully safe that millions and millions have been sold. The model C-100 is started by an easy flick of the kick lever, and a foolproof electric starter makes the model C-102 particularly loved by women and children.

Inexpensive to buy, inexpensive to run, and inexpensive maintenance. Unbelievable economy, easy to ride.

Quality and dependability are guaranteed by the name of Honda. The world’s largest motorcycle….



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