Honda ATC70, ATC 110 and ATC 185

FFANationalFutureFarmer283FebMar1980-p09-smA WORKHORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR.

Time was, a horse used to be the most productive thing you could have around a farm. But for the last ten years, one of the hardest-working beasts of burden has been something that’s half-tractor, half-mule, and a whole lot more efficient than either. A Honda ATC.® Like some tractors, an All-Terrain Cycle™ has three tires. But unlike any trac­tor’s, an ATC’s low-pressure, ribbed-sidewall knobbies give it enough traction to go places, and do things, you wouldn’t consider with most other vehicles. And even some animals. Because an ATC is powered by a four- stroke, single-cylinder engine, it’s more economical to operate than a lot of other vehicles. For the same reason, it’s also easy on maintenance. Another nice feature of a Honda ATC is that it’s the only three-wheeler in the world that comes in three different sizes. With 180.2 cc’s, the new ATC185 has the most muscle. And with a five-speed transmission, automatic clutch, thumb- operated throttle, headlight, soft padded seat, tool kit, and front and rear brakes, it hardly comes up short on convenience. And that’s without any of the heavy- duty options. Which can make this machine so versatile, it could put some of your other machinery out to pasture. With a dual-range, four-speed trans­mission and a little less displacement, the the ATC110 is a very happy medium. And for the little jobs and little helpers, the littlest Honda, the ATC70, is perfect. So, if your old grey mare ain’t what she used to be, get a new red Honda ATC. It just makes good horse sense.

Source: FFA National Future Farmer
Issue: 283
Page: 9
Date: February – March 1980

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