Honda XL75, CT70, ATC70, Z50R, XR80, EXPRESS and EXPRESS II


  • Brand: Honda
  • Model type: Various
  • Model name: No name given
  • Magazine: Field and Stream
  • Issue: December, 1978
  • Page Number: 25
  • Text in advertisement:With one of these under your tree, you won’t need lights to make things bright. What could delight Junior more than a Santa-red ATC70 that goes up dunes or over hard-packed snow? Or an XR80, the ideal play bike for youngsters? The family’s scout will love exploring trails on a CT70 or XL75. For the smaller family member, a Z50R minibike will go over big. And just about everyone will want a Honda Express or Express II. Come by your dealer now and discover a whole store-ful of Christmas ideas. To further cheer your holiday, you’ll find prices that are lower than you might expect!

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