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Your son wants a minibike
What do you do?

First, be sure he’s ready for one. If he’s reached that restless age where he’s too old for toys and too young for cars, he’s ready. Next, be sure you are.

At Honda, we believe a minibike is a good way for your son to grow up without growing apart from his family. It takes more than just your son and a minibike, however. It takes a commitment on your part.

Learning how to ride.
There’s a lot to be learned on a minibike. The first, and most obvious, being how to ride it. How to ride it right.

As a father, you make the perfect teacher. And here’s a simple lesson plan that you might follow to begin teaching your son how to ride. It gives your son the basics for good, safe motorcycle riding. It lets you watch his progress closely.

1. Familiarization. This very first phase of instruction is given with the minibike turned off and stationary. Your son gets on the bike and goes over and over the controls as you call them out—brakes, throttle, gears, lights, cut-off switch. Once you’re convinced he knows the controls perfectly, the next phase begins.

2. Restricted riding. Here you walk with your son while he rides the bike in first gear. This gives him a feel for balance and handling. Controls should be gone over again so your son can get used to them while the bike’s moving. After this comes the final step…

3. Supervised riding. In this last phase, your son rides on his own and you just watch.This should be done in an open area free from hazards or interfering vehicles. And an area where you won’t disturb other people or the environment.
Your son should also wear the proper clothes when riding. A helmet must always be worn on any motorcycle. Boots, long-sleeve shirt and full-length pants also make good sense.

Honda can help.

If your son is ready to ride and you’re ready to help him, Honda is ready to help you both. We have three of the finest small bikes to choose from—the little QA-50 and the popular mini Trail«50, shown at left, for your son. And the larger Honda CT-70 for you. All have a USDA-approved spark arrestor/ muffler to protect the peace and quiet of the countryside. All are powered by the famous, dependable Honda four-stroke engine. All are backed by a strong Honda warranty. And each comes with a handy, informative owner’s manual.

Along with the largest selection of bikes to choose from, Honda also has the largest network of dealerships across the country to help you. And they’re full-service dealerships, staffed by motorcycle specialists, well stocked with parts and accessories. Drop by the one near you soon. Or write us directly for a free brochure with more information on bikes in the Honda line.

We think the more you learn about minibikes and motorcycling, the more you’ll discover how much fun— and how good—they can be for your son. And yourself.

Source: Life
Date: May 5, 1972

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