Honda CT70 and CT70H

Field Stream mei 1972

How to get around after you get away.

Take the Honda trail 70’s to the country. Just fold down the handlebars and fold up the foot pegs to pack them easily in your car or camper. When you reach the end of the road, set them up and begin exploring.

The compact single-cylinder overhead cam four-stroke engine is surprisingly powerful. Plenty of pep to cruise along country lanes or climb mountain trails. And it’s Honda dependable. Backed by that very strong Honda warranty.

You ride smooth. New telescopic oil-dampened shocks in front make sure of that. And you ride with confidence. The USDA-approved spark arrestor/muffler helps protect the peace and quiet of the countryside.

There are two models of the popular Honda Trail 70. The automatic clutch, three-speed CT-70. And the hand-clutch, four-speed CT-70H. Your Honda dealer has both. Get in to see him. Then get away. And really get around.

The New Honda Trail 70.
Always ride safely. Wear a helmet and observe all roles of the road. For a free color brochure, write: American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Dept. IH, Box SO. Gardena, Calif. 90247 ©1972 AHM.

Source: Field and Stream
Date: May, 1972

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