Honda CT70

Field Stream juli 1971

The Honda Mini Trail 70. All the fun of back-packing without sore feet.

Take two along. Two Honda Mini Trail 70 motorcycles fit easily in the back of a station wagon or pickup. They only weigh 143 pounds apiece. The foot pegs fold up. And the handlebars fold down. When you get out to the country, it just takes a few seconds to set them up again. Then you’re ready for miles and miles of fun, off-the-road riding.

Ride easy. The CT-70 comes with an easy automatic clutch and three-speed trans. Or a big-bike hand clutch and four-speed transmission. Quick-stopping brakes front and rear. And a nice, soft contoured seat — perfect for grown-ups and kids.

Ride rough. The Mini Trail 70’s built to take a beating. Front and rear suspension level off the bumps. The rugged little knobby tires grip on almost any surface. And with the upswept tailpipe, steel skid-plate and protected air filter, you can even run the 70 through shallow streams without Stalling.

Ride confident. That’s the nicest part of all. With a Honda four-stroke overhead cam engine powering the 70, you know you’re riding with the most dependable motorcycle engine ever designed. So dependable that the CT-70 carries an excellent warranty. And you also know that with the USDA-approved spark arrestor/muffler, you’ll leave the great outdoors just the way you found it. Quiet and green. So enjoy yourself. See the Mini Trail 70’Mat your Honda dealer’s. And take a hike with them soon.

From Mighty to Mini, Honda has it all.

Always ride safely. Wear a helmet and observe, all rules of the road. For a free color brochure/ write: American Honda motor Co., Inc., Dept. EY, Box SO, Gardena, California 90247. C1971 AHM.

Source: Field and stream
Date: July, 1971

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