Honda CB125, CB250 and CB360

1975advIt’s not for nothing that most of the World’s bikes are Hondas.

Honda dominate the motorcycle world for several reasons.
Advanced Engineering. If you’re an enthusiast, you’ll know that all Hondas are based on brilliant advanced engineering. Overhead Cam Engines. Every one of our motorcycles, from super economy 50cc runabouts to the mighty 750 four cylinder super bike have highly advanced overhead-cam engines. Standard Features. On our bikker bikes, features like disc brakes, winking indicators and electric starting are standard. Reliability. Then, of course, there is Honda’s great reputation for reliability. And when out bikes need servicing the rider has by far the biggest and best dealer/service network ready to help. Today, more then ever before, two wheeled transport makes sense. If you’ve never ridden before but are thinking about a motorcycle, have a talk with any Honda rider. They are your best salesmen. Then get down to your nearest Honda dealer and see for yourself. But do it soon – there’s a boom in motorcycling. (Illustrated at top) CB350 4-stroke, twin cylinder, OHC, producing 34 BHP at 9,200 rpm. 6 Speed gearbox. Hydrolic front disk brake. Electric starter.

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