Honda CB100N (1978)

Does the thought of insuring a sports bike stop you from buying one?

It needn’t. Because Honda’s new CB100N sports bike is really low on insurance. It can give you the exhilarating ride you want for as little as £50 a year* when you’re 17, (depending on where you live). When you’re 21, you could be paying a rock-bottom £17 a year!* (D.A. Devitt ‘Pad Policy’). The new CB100N has a no compromise performance that nudges the legal limit, giving a thrifty 100mpg-plus into the bargain. And it’s fully equipped, with a front disc brake, five speed box and tachometer as standard. All neatly matched by its slim, sporty Eurostyle looks.

The new Honda CB100N. It’s good for your bank balance. It’s great for your ego.

*Clean license with no previous accidents. Talk to your Honda dealer to arrange the best insurance rates. Costs quoted as at 10.8.78

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