Honda C90

Boys' Life feb 1969Enter the Revell invisible Sweepstakes. Win a trip around the world on TWA! 3 weeks! For 3 people! Or win a Concord Video Tape Recorder System or a Honda 90 1 of 26,000 valuable Revell prizes!
It may be up, up and away for you and two companions next summer on the dream trip of all dream trips. TWA will jet your trio to Hawaii, Tokyo, Hong Kong, new Delhi, Athens, Rome, Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles. Air fare, hotel and tour expenses paid for three weeks, plus $100 shopping-spree money. Or you can win: 1 of 3 Concord home TV studios, with video tape recorder, TV camera, microphone, TV monitor; or 1 of 3 Honda 90’s, the cycle that goes 58 mph on 170 mpg; or 1 of 1,000 valuable Revell model kits. Easy to enter! Send in an end panel from any Revell model kit, with your name and address on it. Or send a reasonable facsimile (the word “Revell” printed in block letters on a piece of 3″x5″ paper). 25,000 INSTANT WINNERS! Or be one of 25,000 possible Instant Winners! Go to your Revell dealer. He has entry blanks printed with an invisible ink message. If it says you win, you get one of the exciting new Revell “Bold Venture” 12-inch LP albums. Entry blanks are also packed in many of the new Revell kits. Look for them, or get an entry blank by sending us a stamped, self-addressed envelope. No purchase necessary. Instant Winners also eligible to win other prizes, including world tour. Enter this exciting Sweepstakes now and enter often! Your Sweepstakes entries must be postmarked no later than May 30, 1969. Winners will be selected after June 30. Remember, the more times you enter, the better your chances of winning.

Source: Boy’s Life
Date: February 1969

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